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Tattoo for men

Modern society leaves a real man not much real freedom for self-expression and manifestation of his own individuality. Therefore, often the only way to "tell others" something really important about yourself is beautiful men's tattoos.

Tattoo for women

A bright and original individuality requires an equally bright self-expression. And I want to express myself in a truly unique way. Therefore, memorable events in the life of an unusual woman, her passionate hobbies and simply irresistible craving for beauty are very often embodied in beautiful female tattoos.

Tattoo correction

Even a perfectly made tattoo can get boring over time - or the mood under the influence of which the drawing was made has changed dramatically. Panic and despondency, if your feelings about an already made tattoo have suddenly changed - should not be in any case.

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Our studio

Hanya Tattoo

This is the place where you can realize your most cherished dreams and desires regarding a tattoo. Get a quality and safe tattooing service.

How we are working

The studio is represented by one master and this is our advantage over large salons. Tattooing is an important and intimate process for each client, he must feel comfortable and cozy in the studio, and the presence of strangers around does not contribute to this. Everything to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible with the service received from us!

The master will help with the choice or manufacture of your unique sketch, advise on the size and place of application.
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For men
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